Enabling Win-Win Scenarios for All Parties Involved

Learn how to manifest successful negotiations where mutual benefits are the standard. Explore, master, and implement strategic negotiation protocols to achieve win-win outcomes for all parties.

Unleash Your Negotiation Power: From Learning to Leading!

Empower yourself with a blend of ace negotiation theories, tools, and strategies. Propel from being an involved participant to a skilled implementor, ready to lead your next negotiation to success!

Transformative Negotiations: Success and Sustainability

Experience the essence of effective negotiations, driven by mutual satisfaction and sustainable agreement outcomes. Beyond reaching a resolution, explore how negotiation can be a tool to strengthen existing relationships and cultivate new connections among stakeholders.

Negotiation Challenges: Navigating the Intricate Labyrinth of Strategic Decision-Making

  • When individuals are entangled within an issue, they often lose the ability to view it from an unbiased perspective.
  • Businesses often lack dedicated professionals adept at steering high-stake negotiations successfully.
  • Lacking a team of skilled specialists to effectively handle high-stakes negotiations is a daunting challenge many businesses face.
  • Many individuals harbor fears about hidden oversights, worried they might overlook crucial details.

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Who We Are

Alkimya Catalyst is a boutique global advisory firm based in Dubai, that specializes in negotiations. We provide companies and governments with negotiation solutions; we build (and execute) negotiation strategies to help our clients achieve results and add value to their most important negotiations.

We bring expertise, tools, processes, and an external perspective to ensure no value is left on the table on important negotiations. Our services range from advisory to CEOs and management teams, to the design of customized training programs to build negotiation skills across our client’s organizations.

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Roberto Ordoñez

Dubai based negotiator expert

Roberto Ordoñez - Dubai based negotiator expert

Roberto Ordoñez - Dubai based negotiator expert

Roberto is an expert negotiator based in Dubai; he advises large corporations, governments, startups, and family businesses with complex negotiations and conflict resolution in Dubai and beyond.

He is the Founder of Alkimya Catalyst, a boutique global consulting firm based in Dubai, specializing in designing and implementing complex negotiation strategies. The firm also conducts customized corporate training programs.

Roberto is an adjunct EMBA negotiations professor at Georgetown University (UAE), HULT International Business School (UAE), and Central European University (Hungary/Austria).  An Executive Education negotiations professor at Northwestern University (Qatar), Georgetown University (Qatar), and ESCP Business School (UAE/Italy/Germany).  He is also a member of the Advisory Board of HALO AI Venture Studio and the University of Sharjah’s College of Communications, a Snr Advisor at ProColombia (Colombia’s Government Export Agency), and an international speaker.  He is the President of Northwestern University’s Kellogg GCC Alumni association.

Prior to founding Alkimya Catalyst in 2015, Roberto worked for over 20 years in the oil & gas industry, holding senior management roles in operations, finance, business development, corporate planning, corporate strategy, and procurement divisions for large oil & gas companies, including Occidental Petroleum (OXY), Hess Corporation, and BP.

Roberto has a Bachelor and a Master of Science degrees (BS, MS) in engineering from Texas A&M University, and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Roberto Ordoñez - Dubai based negotiator expert

Roberto Ordoñez - Dubai based negotiator expert


How It Works

Step 1

Engage with Us

Initiate your journey towards negotiation excellence by reaching out to us.

Step 2

Expert Evaluation

We’ll conduct a comprehensive assessment to understand your unique negotiation needs.

Step 3

Personalized Strategy Creation

Our team crafts a custom, step-by-step plan tailored to address your specific requirements.

Step 4

Implementation & Progress

With our expert guidance, you will be executing the plan efficiently, mastering the art of negotiation.

Unlock Negotiation Mastery

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Unparalleled Negotiation Expertise in Dubai: Secure, Personalized, and Empowered

by Roberto Ordonez

  • Dedicated Guidance - Benefit from the expertise of your very personal adviser, dedicated solely to your success.
  • Unwavering Confidentiality - We operate with the highest standard of confidentiality to ensure your business secrets remain safe.
  • Strategic & Sustainable Outcomes - We aim not only to maximize your negotiation value but to achieve outcomes that are sustainable, improving your stakeholder relationships over time.
  • Expert Instruction - All negotiations are guided by Roberto Ordonez, an expert negotiator who advises organizations and governments on high stakes negotiations and teaches executive education at prestigious universities in the US and Europe.
  • 100% Customized Approach - Bypass unfitting and prepackaged training courses. Our programs are entirely customized to the unique needs of each client, offering solutions tailor-made for you.
  • Personal Advice from Roberto - Receive first-hand advice as Roberto works one on one with you on designing your negotiation strategy, then backs you up during the execution of the strategy at the negotiation table.
  • State-of-the-Art Tools - Leverage our cutting-edge tools and processes that allow for advanced negotiation planning and execution.
  • Premium Level Advisory - Our clients enjoy the peace of mind knowing they are supported by a top-level advisor during each step of their negotiation journey.

Latest News

GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation)

Dec 15, 2023

Belgrade, Serbia

It was a real pleasure to teach “Strategic Multilateral Negotiations” in Belgrade (Serbia) to the team in GIZ (GermanSociety for International Cooperation) responsible to work across all Balkan countries to support theimplementation of the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA).

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