Research shows that 70% of the success in any negotiation is in effective preparation. Yet most people rush through it due to time limitations. Alkimya Catalyst’s systematic approach integrates all elements of any negotiation into simple yet powerful visual tools that allows companies to structure negotiations in a fast and efficient manner. 

To help you structure and navigate through any complex negotiation, Alkimya uses its two proprietary negotiation tools: The Negotiation Process© and The Negotiation Canvas©

The Negotiation Process

The Negotiation Process is a seven-step sequence which works together with the Negotiation Canvas© in capturing the entire complexity of the negotiation on a simple visual tool.

The Negotiation Canvas

Negotiations require a well-defined strategy and to do this effectively (and timely) you need a clear process and tools. The Negotiation Canvas© is a very powerful visual tool that synthesizes all elements of the negotiation into ‘one page’.


It provides a framework to structure the entire negotiation by synthesizing all elements of the negotiation into ‘one page’. The Canvas becomes the negotiation dashboard for the team, ensuring that everything is captured in one place and that all members of the team are aligned.

Among the many advantages of the Canvas are:

  • Faster preparation
  • Enhanced value capture
  • Standardized structure for all negotiations
  • Enhanced tracking and KPI management of the negotiation portfolio
  • Centralized database of best negotiation practices

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