80% of business leaders leave in excess of 10% of value on the negotiation table. Alkimya Catalyst provides experience, expertise, processes, and tools that help clients identify negotiation obstacles in order to design and execute an effective negotiation strategy that achieves their desired results.

Alkimya’s definition of a successful negotiation outcome is one that maximizes negotiation value, is implementable and sustainable, and strengthens the relationship with key stakeholders.


Alkimya’s approach to negotiations is both Systemic and Systematic


Negotiations are often viewed as tactical power and persuasion exercises that happen at the negotiation table. However, negotiations are more complex than that; negotiations are really three-dimensional (3D) problems.


Research shows that 70% of the success in any negotiation is in effective preparation. Yet most people rush through it due to time limitations. Alkimya Catalyst’s systematic approach integrates all elements of any negotiation into simple yet powerful visual tools that allows companies to structure negotiations in a fast and efficient manner.

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