Negotiations are often viewed as a tactical power and persuasion exercises that happens at the negotiation table.   However, negotiations are more complex than that, negotiations are really three-dimensional (3D) problems composed of 3 different yet highly integrated arenas:

Strategic Arena: Deals with balance of power and how to increase your strategic leverage. 

Creative Arena: Looks to create additional value by exploring others party’s differences in interests, priorities and preferences. 

Tactical Arena: Manages the face-to-face interaction to maximize value-capture at the negotiation table.

Alkimya’s Systemic approach looks at the big picture and captures all the complexity of the negotiation.

Throughout our consulting experience we have found that a Systemic Obstacle-Based approach is the most efficient and productive way to engage in a negotiation. Our approach is centered on closing the gaps between where you are right now on the negotiation and where you would like it to be.

There are three types of obstacles:


Negotiations are full of tactical obstacles, some perceptible and some difficult to see. Obstacles like lack of time, lack of trust, emotions, poor communication, or cultural norms, can hinder the success of an effective negotiation. Alkimya Catalyst has a proven process to identify and help you manage these tactical obstacles.

Innovation / Value

Most negotiations are focused on single issues (ex. Price) not on value creation. The real objective of any negotiation should be to maximize value. Maximizing value requires innovation and creativity, you must go beyond the obvious and explore your counterpart’s real interests and priorities. It’s all about expanding the size of the pie.


Strategic obstacles have to do with power. The person who relies the most on the outcome is often at a power disadvantage. We focus on finding ways to increase your power in the negotiation.

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